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The Heart of Europe Prepares to Open the French Riviera in Dubai

Water is flowing into the largest and most sustainable swimming pool in the Middle East - the spectacular leisure attraction at the centre of a rainbow-inspired resort recreating the celebrated lifestyle of the French Riviera.

Grand Azur - which translates as ‘big blue’ - is set to be one of the most talked about elements of Côte d’Azur Resort within The Heart of Europe - the rapidly-evolving USD5 billion prime hospitality and second home destination amid The World islands, Dubai.

 With a perimeter of more than 1km and containing a staggering 14,000 cubic meters of sustainably-desalinated water, the mega-pool is one of many Heart of Europe regional and international firsts.

 Grand Azur is clever as well as big, however, utilising solar energy to illuminate, recycle, heat and cool the eco-friendly water that will relax and thrill guests.

 As well as providing extensive opportunities to paddle, chill-out or burn off a few calories, the epic pool will form the watery heart of the Côte d'Azur Resort. At 12,000 m2 Grand Azur includes four connected blue water lagoons, shaped as rolling waves, with a white edge that emulates the Mediterranean’s natural froth.

 While Olympic-sized pools are 50m in length, Grand Azur is eight times larger, dwarfing every leisure pool in the Middle East and delivering a unique venue for hosting social and sporting events. It is also ideal for guests seeking to social distance. Water temperature will be maintained at 28° celsius or 82.40 ° Fahrenheit courtesy of solar-powered pumps.

 The pool can operate a ‘standard’ set-up for regular daily use, but can be ‘re-modelled’ for different seasons, such as providing peak summer shaded areas, and special events, including exclusive sets from top DJs and challenging water sports events.