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TIME Hotels’ Innovative CSR 2021 Plan TIME Hotels’ Innovative CSR 2021 Plan

TIME Hotels’ Innovative CSR 2021 Plan Right on Track

UAE-headquartered hospitality company TIME Hotels, has delivered on its commitment to staff welfare and the environment, steadfastly supporting local community initiatives, after a half-year review of the group’s 2021 CSR strategic plan.

The annual campaign, which is based on TIME Hotels’ four CSR pillars of workplace, marketplace community and environment, has been the backbone of TIME Hotels' commitment to improving social awareness amongst its stakeholders and its peers in the rest of the corporate world.

 “CSR is not a random project it must be an integral part of every corporate strategy. It is an ongoing plan, a corporate state of mind. And that is as true today as it has ever been. In economic terms, although the hospitality and travel sector has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, charities and those less well off in society have suffered as well. It is our duty as good corporate citizens to help whenever we can,” said Eddie Ignatius, corporate director of quality and business excellence, TIME Hotels.  

 Each month, TIME focuses on a different theme and kicked off in January with team building and strengthening bonds within the workplace. A range of health initiatives followed in the first half of the year, with a cleanup drive to support environmental goals and a focus on female employees as part of International Women’s Day.

 As part of their health initiatives, TIME Hotels also managed to donate AED14,000 to the Shefaa Al Orman Hospital in Luxor, Egypt. The cancer hospital provides free treatment for any patient, regardless of age, creed or colour.