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Maria Atik Maria Atik

Maria Atik, DMC manager, Mideast Travel Worldwide, Athens, Greece

When and how did you get involved in the tourism industry?

Mideast Travel Worldwide [has been] operating successfully in the Greek tourism market since 1983.

Starting from an agency specialised in trips from and to the countries of the Middle East, the company has evolved to one of the greatest and most popular in the Greek tourism market, holding certifications from international organisations and a strong clientele comprising both corporate and individual clients.

Today, Mideast offers its services worldwide, from its head office in Athens as well as from its two branches in Mykonos and Istanbul that [have been] operating since July, 2014.

What are the most important attributes of a good travel agent/tour operator?

[In addition to a] commitment to customer service, [one should have] sales capability, management skills, product mix, attractive network and financial stability. [It is also important to be] well organised, efficient, creative, willing as well as professional and friendly.

What is the most frequently asked question that your company receives from customers?

[Clients ask about the] view from the room, the hotel’s distance from sea or town, hotel star rating, cancellation policy, emergency numbers, programme in details and free Wi-Fi.

What are the must-visits and must-dos in Greece that nobody should miss?

Our mainland, full of nature, is a must-visit, including, Pelion, Kalambaka, Nafpaktos, and the Peloponnese area [...].

Additionally, we have numerous unknown islands which are amazing, such as Spetses, Samos and Chios [...], besides the famous ones.

Which destination is on your bucket-list?