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Video produced by OBG in partnership with Telecom Egypt Video produced by OBG in partnership with Telecom Egypt

Egypt’s Digital Drive and ICT Investment Explored

Egypt’s ongoing digital transformation and its plans to further enhance connectivity through a major telecom infrastructure drive are among the topical issues explored in a video produced by Oxford Business Group (OBG) in partnership with Telecom Egypt.

Titled Untapping ICT Opportunities in Egypt, the video can be viewed at:

OBG’s Growth & Recovery videos are a new addition to the company’s suite of research tools, providing essential information on the latest developments in key economic segments and their prospects for future growth, as the global economy moves towards recovery.

Egypt’s ICT sector will also be the focus of a Covid-19 Recovery Roadmap (CRR) report by OBG, including a case study on Telecom Egypt’s experience. Written by a team of dedicated researchers and regional editors specialising in emerging market business intelligence, OBG’s CRRs provide in-depth analyses of the pandemic’s implications on sectors of the economy and the related investment environment, drawing on the firm’s on-the-ground network of experts and business leaders for informative insights.

The video covers Egypt’s role as the region’s primary digital hub and its plans to roll out new telecom infrastructure to accommodate the rising demand for online services. This expansion involves building new cable landing stations, new trans country routes and new subsea cable projects. The purpose of this is to secure capacity and infrastructure diversity by creating alternative traffic routes.

It also examines the measures introduced in Egypt at the start of the pandemic to ensure digital connectivity was maintained. In addition, there is coverage of the country’s bid to digitally connect and integrate domestic infrastructure, and bolster the country’s data centre services through a wider investment drive which involves attracting international industry players and boosting activity in the local market.